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Civil cases

  • payment under agreements concerning payment-order proceedings,
  • writ-of-payment proceedings,
  • summary proceedings,
  • commercial proceedings,
  • eviction,
  • services for landlords of apartments and commercial facilities,
  • prescription, property division,
  • establishment of easement,
  • compensation for traffic and other accidents,
  • compensation under corporate insurance,
  • group insurance
  • individual motor hull insurance,
  • accident insurance,
  • general liability insurance,
  • property insurance,
  • agricultural insurance,
  • tourism insurance,
  • health insurance,
  • cases against insurance companies

Family cases

maintenance, divorce, separation in terms of parental authority
contacts between children and parents

Inheritance cases

confirmation of the acquisition of inheritance
inheritance division
recognising as unworthy of inheritance
invalidation of a will

Penal cases

  • defence in penal cases,
  • penal fiscal cases,
  • minor offences,
  • juvenile cases during preparatory proceedings conducted by the Police,
  • Prosecutor’s Office or other authorities,
  • as well as during court proceedings,
  • representation of victims of crimes,
  • filing applications for respite, early
  • release,
  • prison leave,
  • proceedings connected with provisional arrest and driving ban,
  • acting as a prosecutor under private indictment,
  • acting as an auxiliary
  • prosecutor and a claimant

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